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A proven combination of herbs is the leading brand of the booster of the body’s own testosterone generator in the market.



Testosterone replacement therapy is only appropriate and safe for men who have below-normal levels and who don’t have any medical conditions that could be made worse by testosterone, such as an enlarged prostate or evidence of prostate cancer!


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MANIX capsule is a polyherbal formulation consisting of 10 potent herbal products.

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For optimum effect in it's holistic approach to the problem of male sexual disorders, it is recommended to use Manix Capsules for 90 days (3 months). However, to accomodate our customers we have the below dosage purchase options. Just select the one of your choice to start your purchase. 

1mthstherapy 2months 3FULLMths
scientifically scientifically scientifically
clinically clinically


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A clinically proven combination of the unique herbal ingredients in the treatment of male sexual disorders.

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Non-GMO Products

All components are indigenous medicinal herbs without any synthetic chemicals in the blend.

Natural & Organic

Unique combination of various natural phytochemicals, combination of eleven unique herbal ingredients clinically proven in the treatment of male infertility.

HERBS & Botanicals

Contains essential oils, glycosides, saponins, isoflavones, biflavones, alkaloids, lactones, steroids, phenolics, aliphatic compounds and polysaccharides

Scientifically Proven

Show spermatogenic action associated with improvement in other seminal parameters including increase in libido due to aphrodisiac action

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